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Pharmaceutical direct impact media control systems

  • Pharmidea (Olaine, Latvia)
  • Electrical desing and programming of direct impact media control systems
  • Purified water control system (circulation and sanitation)
  • Water for injections control system (circulation, heating, cooling and sterilization)
  • Pure steam monitoring system
  • Nitrogen distribution control system
  • Compressed air monitoring system
  • Control system according to FDA CFR title 21 - part 11 regulations
  • Siemens control system: Simatic ET200S IM151-8 PLC, S7-200 PLC, Simatic WinCC v7, Simatic Panel PC
  • Audit trail, trends, reports, automatic backups

Pharmidea (2016)
Electrical Design, Programming
Simatic ET 200S, Simatic WinCC, Simatic Panel PC